Please read the following carefully prior to downloading any software from our website.

CaptiveWorks Receivers are only for use with authorized CaptiveWorks Software. Unauthorized software can not, by any means, be installed and/or used on CaptiveWorks receivers. Installing and/or using unauthorized software can damage the receiver. Should any receiver contain such unauthorized software, all warranty will be null and void. Further, installing and/or using unauthorized software may be illegal in your region.

Authorized CaptiveWorks software can be found on the official CaptiveWorks download Page.

To avoid invalidating your warranty, contact your authorized dealer/retailer to have a professional technician download and install the correct software to your receiver. Installing the wrong software can render your receiver inoperable and will void warranty.

Never turn off the receiver during downloading software. Any interruption during downloading the software will damage the on-board flash ROM which will void the warranty on the receiver.

Software Download
*Software for the CW-500S, CW-600S, and CW-600S Premium receviers can be downloaded from a personal computer (PC) to the respective receiver via an RS-232 Null Modem Cable.

CW-600S Firmware: Version 1.14 - Download Here 02.20.07

CW-600S Premium Firmware: Version 1.09 - Download Here 02.20.07

CW-650S Classic Uploader: Version 1.0.1 - Download Here 05.14.08

CW-650S Classic Firmware: Version 1.0 - Download Here 05.14.08

CW-800S Uploader: Version 1.0.1 - Download Here 08.27.07

CW-800S Firmware: Version 1.0 - Download Here 08.27.07

CW-700S Firmware: Version 1.02 - Download Here 12.12.07

Ultima Uploader: Version 1.0.1 - Download Here 12.05.08

Ultima Firmware: Version 1.02 - Download Here 12.05.08

CW-3000HD User Manual Version 0.3
CW-1000S User Manual Version 0.7
CW-100R User Manual Version 0.2

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